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polished concrete nj imagesWhy Choose Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floors?

Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floors is a New Jersey ,(NJ) based concrete polishing company. With over one million square foot of polished concrete installed in New Jersey alone. Not all polished concrete is the same, and not all polished concrete contractors are the same. For your important flooring project, be sure to choose the method and the professionals that will give you quality work you can trust today…and a great floor you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

Our Unique Process, Our Unique Machines

Our Unique polished concrete process turns your ordinary concrete floor into a brighter, smoother, more durable surface. Not only will your polished concrete floors be easier to clean, maintain and be much more light-reflective,  but they will actually be a harder, stronger concrete floor.

We use patented, floating 9-head concrete floor polishing machines to apply thousands of pounds of balanced pressure behind our diamond-abrasive heads. These powerful concrete grinders remove years of accumulated dirt, stains and old finish from your concrete floors, revealing a fresh, clean floor, ready to be densified, hardened and polished to the shine level you choose.

Not only will your polished concrete floor be beautiful, It will be much harder!

image of polished concrete floors after polishing
Polished Concrete After
image of polished concrete floors in nj before
Before Polished Concrete





Methods: Topical Concrete Polish vs. Mechanical Concrete Polishing

There are two primary methods to create a shine on a concrete floor: Topical and Mechanical. They’re very different, and they produce very different levels of value for clients. At Diamond Cut, we use preform only Mechanical polished concrete. Here’s why:

image of a topical clear coat over concreteTopically Polished Concrete Floors

This method applies a chemical or coating to the surface of the concrete. Then, it’s sealed or buffed to produce a sheen. While this method can be cost-effective, it lasts only a year or two; eventually, the Topical Sealer will chip, crack, or peel. Remember, nothing you can put on your concrete floor is harder than the concrete itself.


mechaniclly polished concrete nj imageMechanically Polished Concrete Floors

This method is a mechanical concrete grinding and polishing process that uses powerful concrete grinders specifically designed to grind and polish concrete,  industrial diamonds and impregnating hardeners and sealers. The floor is leveled, densified, polished and finally sealed from within, with a deep penetrating impregnating concrete hardener and sealer. The result is a deep, lustrous finish that is extremely durable, that will never peel or flake off. This method is cost-effective, lasts a lifetime with proper maintenance, and is ideal for new or rehab construction.

Diamond Cuts Concrete Grinding and Polishing  Method Offers:

  • Completion without plant shutdowns
  • Food-level cleanliness
  • Quick turn around time for industrial traffic
  • LEEDS-friendly environmental affect

Why Have Diamond Cut Grind and Polish Your Facility’s Concrete Floors?

Diamondizing is the unique floor system available only from Diamond Cut Concrete Polishing. There are five big reasons to Diamondize your concrete floors:


polished concrete nj images1. Lighter, brighter floors.
Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floors reflect 40% more light than unfinished concrete floors. This boosts the ambient lighting in facilities, so you get a lower energy bill and a much more attractive floor.


2. Cleaner environment.

With Diamond Cut’s Polished Concrete Floors process, the soft oxidation and top layer of an existing concrete floor is removed. This top layer is the culprit behind much of the dust thrown off by conventional concrete floors. Removing that top layer removes dust that comes from the concrete, and dust trapped in the porous surface.


3. More durable,longest lasting Concrete Floor Surface.

Untreated concrete is actually porous, absorbing spills and wearing away from everyday use. However,  Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floors use multiple densifying agents that chemically changes the concrete from within, making the surface much harder. These densifying agents  penetrate deep into the concrete floor, producing a much harder, more stain-resistant surface.


 image of flexible polished concrete floor solutions4. Flexibility.

Let’s say a warehouse has racks or machinery that need to be moved from time to time. If the floor has a topcoat finish, the treated areas that used to be covered up will be very visible, because a topcoat will scratch, yellow and change in appearance over time. With a Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floor there’s no yellowing or change in appearance. So even years after the initial process, if you re-configure an area, all you need to do is clean the uncovered sections and buff—the newly-treated floor will blend almost invisibly with the existing floor.


5. Cost effective.

We just can’t say it too much: Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Flooring costs far less than other floor finishes, especially when you consider the long term. You can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars by enjoying the durable beauty of a Diamond Cut Polished Concrete Floor.


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